Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fact: Healthy Lifestyles Conquer Anxiety & Depression.

Fact: You CAN be happier.
Fact: You CAN get healthy, have boundless energy & conquer your biggest demons.

I want you to get EXCITED about living a healthier lifestyle. 

BUT: What do I mean by a healthy lifestyle?

There is no "one size fits all" healthy lifestyle. Some people thrive on high fruit & veggie diets while others do well eating big bowls of oatmeal. Some people love running on treadmills to burn calories and release endorphins while others are just happy walking in the sunshine. It's all about finding what fits YOUR lifestyle. It is completely trial and error. I take different aspects from my readings and experiences and apply them to my life. If they work, AWESOME! If they don't, that's okay. I've grown from trying new things and I will move on to try something that works for me!

I want you to get excited about discovering a new exercise, a new recipe or a new blog. I absolutely love Instagram for this reason. I search hashtags for things that I'm interested in, different types of diets and exercises. If I find something that interests me, I'll write it down so I remember to try it! I love broadening my horizons. It gives me something to be passionate and excited about! There is no wrong way to go about starting a healthy lifestyle. It is all about baby steps. The more you try, the more knowledge you will gain. The more you fail, the closer you are to success, happiness & good health.

One thing that really helped me conquer my depression was making sure that I make every day different. Trying new things everyday excites me and makes it impossible to be depressed. It shows me that there is so much in this world, so many beautiful things that I need to experience and try! There's no time to be depressed when I have new healthy recipes and new yoga poses to try!

Although everyone thrives on a different healthy lifestyle, there are some guidelines that I feel are imperative to creating a healthy body & a healthy balance in your life!  :

  • Set goals for yourself and the goal should not be weight-loss. If your body is healthy & you are treating it right, the weight will be a side effect of that. The weight WILL come off if it needs to. The goal is a healthy & happy body that runs effortlessly!
  • Don't let a new lifestyle limit your social endeavors. If your friends are getting take-out from a place where you can't get anything healthy, bring your own food, eat before, eat after or take part with them. If it's once and a while, it isn't going to hurt you.
  • Forgive yourself for any missteps. It's not easy changing a lifestyle and you will slip into your old ways every once and a while. That's OKAY. As long as you know that your healthy lifestyle is what brings you happiness, you will always go back to it, so there is no worries or beating yourself up over it.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Move. I don't care if it's jumping jacks or running a marathon, get up and go do something! You'll feel so much better afterwards.
  • Never starve yourself. It's not healthy. Period. It's not good for your body & it will NOT make you happy. Skipping meals is not okay and is not a part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Share your journey with yourself or the world. Take notes on everything. It will help you see how far you've come and it'll help you realize what works for you and what doesn't. If you're comfortable, start a blog or post on Instagram. You will inspire others and find a network of people who are just like you, trying to be healthier & happier!
    • If you have a blog or Instagram of your journey, comment on this post or send me an e-mail (you can message me from the form on the side of this blog! ---> ) I would love to cheer you on and learn from you! 
Until next time,

Kayla xo

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