Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How Lemon/Ginger Water Changed My Life.

Who knew that something so simple could have such a profound effect on my life?

Almost two months ago I stumbled upon an article about how a woman drank lemon water every morning for a year, before eating or drinking anything else. Her results after a year were extraordinary. She experienced extreme health benefits by only changing a tiny portion of her morning routine. I immediately add this simple remedy to my repertoire.

At this point, I've been drinking 1 liter of warm water with the juice of one lemon and a knob of grated ginger every morning for 6 weeks. I added the ginger because I had heard of the benefits of ginger on digestion and overall health, but I could never manage to work it into my daily life. I found it too overbearing for smoothies and I was not one to sit there gnawing on a knob of it, so it never made it's way to into being a regular of mine. However, it is perfect when finely grated into warm lemon water.

I felt the effects of the ginger after the first half of the drink on the first day. My normal morning queasy stomach disappeared. I often struggled with an acidic stomach in the morning, making it impossible to have breakfast or even follow a normal routine without having to sit down from feeling ill. The ginger completely remedied that for me immediately. I no longer have a sour stomach in the morning and I do not experience bloat at any point in the day like I did previously.

As this drink was the only thing that I changed in my diet, I can speak to the benefits that I have seen from this morning cocktail. My digestion has improved immensely. As I said, no bloating, no uncomfortableness after eating paired with an overall feeling of calmness from zero tummy troubles. And for me, zero tummy troubles meant greatly reduced anxiety, as the mornings have always been my highest anxiety time. To me, that benefit has been immeasurable. 

I've also experienced improved skin, brighter eyes and more energy in the morning. I feel so hydrated in the morning and my cravings during the day are almost nonexistent. I am able to stick to my no-salt added diet like never before.

The key is getting the 1 liter in before any food or caffeinated beverage in order to hydrate your body and fill your cells up with H2O. There are many benefits just to being hydrated. So even if you do not add lemon or ginger to your water in the morning, at least down a ton of water and you will feel so much better to take on the day ahead.

Many of you may have never even bought ginger before! I personally buy it at a local farmer's market for $2 for 2 pounds and I buy the lemons for $2 for 12, making each 1 liter drink $0.33. Easy for anyone even on a strict budget like myself!

Sometimes I even add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar (post will be coming on that shortly), if I'm feeling adventurous for more digestive and health benefits. Also if you are dealing with inflammation, add a sprinkle of turmeric for an even more healthful cocktail.

I urge everyone to try this as the benefits have been so noticeable, I couldn't not share this simple and easy way to get your day started! Some last minute tips that I have are,  it seems to be easier to drink it with a straw (and less harmful on tooth enamel). Also take your mason jar with you and keep filling it up with lemon water throughout your day for ultimate hydration!

If you try this, let me know by posting a picture on Instagram & hashtagging #wakeuplaughingblog

Wishing everyone light & love today & every day!